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Monday , June 16 , 2008 Comic


1. Monday 16 June 2008. Grimsg's desk. 6.20am (Singapore Time)

Yes it has eventually happened, I've gone and become very unprofessional.

I received a very nasty comment on a forum somewhere bashing my comic to the ground. In a nutshell he didn't like the fact there was too much talking, not enough action, my characters are all cookie cutter, the main logo on the page is too large and there are hardly any cyberpunk elements. All in which I very much agree. In a sense that's great, I got 'constructive' feedback, to some extent.

After the initial shock, horror, kick in the gut, I've decided to take a step back from the comic to reaccess it myself.

1. It was very VERY naive of me to attempt to update the comic with 6 panels minimum for 5 days a week. The art quality isn't there, everything looks very rushed, there's no shading or color and it looks quite terrible.

2. After drawing this comic for quite a bit, the storyline has pretty much taken a new form, stepping away from the initial work it was based on, Final Fantasy VII. I really don't intend to make this comic another parody of FFVII which anyone else can do but rather create something that references FFVII but not directly. Like how Terry Pratchett invented Discworld. It references the fantasy genre but has comedic elemements.

3. My style of humor is well, my style of humor. You may not like it, but I do.

4. I will finish the storyarc sometime this week. I apologise once again there is nothing to blame but myself. So to the small population of people who follow this comic, sincere apologies.

2. Friday 13 June 2008. Grimsg's desk. 6.25am (Singapore Time)

Hi everyone. A lot has happened this week so it was quite an effort having to churn out comics: I'm currently standing at a crossroad in life deciding what to do with my career.

I was *very tempted* to stop drawing but felt that I shouldn't leave people hanging and at least finish up the story arc before this comic takes a break. I'm intending to switch the comic to 2 times a week instead of 5 because its just better on quality and I have more time to do other stuff such as work on my portfolio and do more marketing with the comic... Plus the comic will be in color and will look heaps better.

I'll still be trucking on, so stay tuned!

There's now a (very basic) RSS feed down the bottom of the page if you'd like to get a feed : )

3. Friday 30 May 2008. Grimsg's desk. 6.36am (Singapore Time)

Hello! Yes, very early in the morning but well, an update is an update. Last Mirage is now into its 15th strip! Not bad eh? Still pressing on and still kicking ass. Have been making changes to the site with handy navigation arrows, a comment box and some other webcomic links.

If you'd like me to link to your website and vice versa, please drop me an E-mail to Feel free to grab one of the linky banner/ button thingies below. I'll still be selective though.

I'll be coming up with colored concept art soon so you finally get to see Anzarof and mates *in color*.

4. Saturday 23 May 2008. Grimsg's desk. 11.59pm (Singapore Time)

Hi everyone, thanks for dropping by. As you can see I'm still in the process of fixing this !@#$ website. I haven't done HTML in donkey's years so please excuse the 'orrid webdesign. It's currently a long weekend and I just got back today from my beach holiday at the neighboring island of Sentosa, so I am quite relaxed and feeling rather chipper. Work will be incredibly hectic from tuesday onwards... I dread to think I will have no life for the next 2 weeks...but rest assured, THERE WILL BE COMICS.

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